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"Mom! I found them!"

She rushed to the living room where her mother was talking to a cousin on the phone.

"Look!" She said, proudly holding up the pair of binoculars hung about her neck.

"Where were they?" Her mother asked.

"They were in the bag where you put my three teddies in."

"Oh, okay. Let me finish up this talk with Criss, okay?"

"'Kay," she said walking back into her room.

She spent a few minutes fiddling with the scopes to make them clearer and started star gazing - not as effective as a telescope but way easier in her opinion.

Soon she got bored and decided to look to other buildings, non-curtained windows that led into rooms with a TV or a computer, and people. It was easy to do from the fifth floor.

"Hon! Brush your teeth and go to bed!" Her mother shouted from the living room.

She gave a non committal grunt and then sighed. Taking the binoculars from around her neck, she looked for it's box and slipped it in. Finally, the box was put away at her bottom most drawer beside her table.

Satisfied, she gave a nod and went to brush her teeth.

Coming back she turned off the lights and fell into bed, wrapped herself up and tried to go to sleep.

An indefinite amount of time later, had she been awake, she would have seen three little shadowed figures near the top of her bed. They had seemed to crawl from behind the bed. Had she been awake, she would have thought "That's where I keep my teddies!".

"Where'd she keep it?" one of them asked.

"Shhh!! Quiet!" warned the one in the middle.

"Oh! Why'd she have to go and find out?"

They spread out trying to look for....whatever it is they were looking for.

"Any luck?"



A sigh.

"Well, looks like no spying for us tonight. Best get some sleep." With a hop and a skip, one of them went behind the bed. There was  a rustle and then quiet.

"That's it. we really need to put our hostages somewhere else, and not in the same bag."



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